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Exotic Car Show


12/14/2007 - ABC News

"These guys are a cut above"

They went from 500lbs of food donated per week to over 10 tons per week in less than six months.

Feeding from a few hundred people per week to a few thousand per week.


Annual Newport Coast Car Show

Get early "VIP STATUS" & Discounted Entry by completing the following:

1.  I own or am interested in owning an exotic car

2.  I am interested in membership in an Exotic Car Club

3.  I am interested in renting one or exchanging use of mine for another

***  Be sure to list your favorite 3 cars in "Subject" or "Message"  ***

The Proposed Newport Coast Concours d'Elegance


Equal parts charity fundraiser, collectable car auction, and social event, Concours d'Elegance celebrates the rarest and most valuable classic cars. Its name means "a competition of elegance" in French.


How Classic Cars Are Entered and Judged at Concours d'Elegance


Concours d'Elegance's international gallery of rare cars must be invited to compete. Numerous competition categories include pre-WWI cars. (That's right, 1918.) In conferring their rankings, judges consider a car's engineering, style, history, and the authenticity of its restoration. A win boosts a car's prestige and value...and an owner's reputation.

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12/25/2007 - OC Register

"Front Page Christmas Day"

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6/14/2007 - ABC News

"The start of something amazing"


6/14/2007 - OC Register

"Front Page"

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