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Helping Abused Children


It is our vision to accomplish our two fold mission of helping abused children (below) by using our streamlined "Entreprenurial Approach of combining both Efficiency and Effectiveness" into our unique formula of creating new and revolutionary profit center partnerships with business and individual members of the local communities we serve as a means of creating self sustaining engines for our idealistic and philanthropic endeavors.




About us

Helping Hearts International a licensed 501(c)(3) –Community Non-Profit Relief Organization was founded in early 2007 in Southern California on the premise of helping abused women, children and those most in need.


We at Helping Hearts are committed to “Efficiently & Effectively” helping solve some of the largest crimes on this planet that adversely affects people everywhere by:


1st: Feeding the abused and needy by eliminating careless and unnecessary waste. CURRENTLY: COVID-19 Aid to everyone is also a #1 Priority.


2nd: Providing beautiful and tranquil safe havens retreats for those children that have been separated from their environments because of abuse, trauma or neglect; either by circumstance, special requests or court order.


We are determined to provide tranquil oasis style sanctuaries for victims of abuse and at the same time prevent as much food from being thrown away as possible, so that victims of abuse and others in need can benefit from these vast resources that would have otherwise been discarded.  On a daily basis, we devote ourselves to making sure that these valuable resources fall into the hands of the individuals who need them most: Homeless men, women and children.


(We can proudly say that through this methodology we grew from 500lbs of food per week to over 10 tons of food per week in our first 6 months!)


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